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Coffee Spice Rub Chicken 1/4

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Product Description

Dry rubbed Fresh Espresso grind & Spices Chicken - juicy with deep rich & spicy flavor.

Served with your choice of buttered pasta or Coconut steamed parboiled Basmati Rice, Bright Cow fresh yoghurt, pickled cucumber and a side of French Beans. 

*PLEASE NOTE* Chicken pieces are dry brined in our custom spice rub for 24 hrs. The salt and spices slowly migrate to the chicken meat, curing it - however this means that the meat can be colored pink giving the appearance of not being cooked. We can assure that chicken pieces are cooked in a fan forced gas oven at 230C for 10 min & a further 20 min at 180C & is cooked to temp. Younger chickens also tend to have a higher level of moisture & more bone marrow which can lead to redness at the joints (where the bone marrow gathers) as well. If you are still wary of any kind of pinkness coloring your meat, please order the French Roast Chicken instead.